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Parenting Support Course – 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching – Find a Practitioner

Parentshop has trained professional practitioners offering parenting support to manage their children’s behaviour, through the 123-Magic & Emotion courses.

Through the 123 Magic & Emotion course, a trained practitioner can show you how to better relate, understand and manage your children’s behaviour.

Some of the below practitioner’s have planned, regular courses or can arrange a scheduled time that suits you.

Please contact the practitioner directly for more information.


Sydney Metropolitan

NSW Regional

All Sydney Metro Region

Jocelyn Brewer, Trained Practitioner
Phone: 0418 450 613, Email: hello@jocelynbrewer.com
Website: www.jocelynbrewer.com

Angharad Candlin, Trained Practitioner, Catholic Care
Phone: 02 9509 1111, Email: angharad.candlin@catholiccare.org 
Website: www.catholiccare.org

Summer Hill / Inner West

Heather Craven, Private Practitioner
Mobile: 0418 629 028 Email: heathercraven@bigpond.com
Website: www.heathercraven.com.au

Melissa Ward, Family Support, Anglicare
Phone: 02 9798 1400 Email: iwfamilysupport@anglicare.org.au 
Web: www.anglicare.org.au


Krystle Hann, Psychologist, Woollahra Psychology
Phone:  1300 651 947, Email: info@woollahrapsychology.com.au
Website: www.woollahrapsychology.com.au


Tak Ananda, Family Support, Talk Together
Phone:  0449 909 329, Email: tak@talktogether.net.au
Website: www.talktogether.net.au

Pennant Hills

Angela Krivohlavy, Early Development Teacher
Phone: 0417 267 264, Email: Angela.Krivohlavy@det.nsw.edu.au

Peakhurst, South-East Sydney

Michelle Cuthbertson, Trained Practitioner, Georges River Life Care
Phone: 0417 041 146, Email:  mcuth56@gmail.com  Website: www.grlc.org.au/parenting


Bernadette Beedle, Family Support Case Worker, CatholicCare Family Support
Phone:  02 9740 0111, Email: bernadette.beedle@catoliccare.org   Website: www.catholiccare.org

Rouse Hill

Sarah Wood, Trained Practitioner, Hills Family Therapy
Phone:  0497 746 053,  Email: sarah@hillsfamilytherapy.com.au   Website:  www.hillsfamilytherapy.com.au


Mary Bechara, Trained Practitioner, Arab Council
Phone: 02 9709 4333,  Email: mary@arabcouncil.org.au   Website: www.arabcouncil.org.au


Maree Magee, Psychologist, MBM Psychology
Phone:  0411 755 487, Email: enquiries@mbmpsychology.com   Website: www.mbmpsychology.com

Western Sydney

Growing Minds:
Jeanette Lord, Phone: 02 9625 0422
Email address: jeanette.lord@growingearlyminds.org.au
Donna Windle, Phone: 0403 016 964

Email address: donna@growingearlyminds.org.au
Website: www.growingearlyminds.org.au

Western & South-Western Sydney

Mega Tohman, Child & Family Practitioner, Benevolent Society
Phone:  0405 814 406, Email: meg.tokhman@gmail.com

Naremburn/ Brookvale

Stefanie Lui, Trained Practitioner, Catholic Care
Phone: 02 8425 8700, Email: stefanie.lui@catholiccaredbb.org.au
Website: www.catholiccare.org.au

Peakhurst/ South-East Sydney

Louise Green, Trained Practitioner, Learning Links
Phone:  02 8525 8222,  Email: intake@learninglinks.org.au
Website: www.learninglinks.org.au

Inner West Sydney

Annie Tran, Anglicare
Phone 0438 802 421 Email: annie.tran@anglicare.org.au


Peter Foster, Individual and Relationship Counsellor
Phone: 0409 650 364, Email: peter.foster@concordance.com.au,
Website: www.concordance.com.au

Concord/ Inner West

Heather Craven, Counsellor and Speech Pathologist
Phone: 0418 629 028  Email: heathercraven@bigpond.com
Website: www.heathercraven.com.au


Feona Ray, Child & Family Worker, The Canopy
Phone: 0417 516 828  Email: feona@thecanopy.org.au
Website: www.thecanopy.org.au

Bateau Bay

Kipling Kear, Family Support, Samaritans
Phone: 0409 836 461  Email: kkear@samaritans.org.au

Eurobodalla Shire

Anita Macartney, Family Support,  Campbell Page
Phone: 0407 959 602  Email: anita.macartney@campbellpage.org.au

Eurobodalla Family Support Services
Phone: 02 4474 2907,  Email: admin@efss.ngo.org.au
Web: www.efss.ngo.org.au  


Treena Ellis, Family Services, Mackillop Family Services
Phone:  02 6822 3738,  Email: treena.ellis@mackillop.org.au
Web: www.mackillop.org.au


Natasha Allan, Children & Parenting Support Worker, TFFS
Phone:  0417 459 476, Email: caps1@tfss.com.au  Web: www.tfss.com.au

Kayla Devine, Children and Parenting Support Worker, TFFS
Phone: (02) 67632333, Email: caps2@tfss.com.au  Web: www.tfss.com.au

Sue Snook, Trained Practitioner, Tamworth Family Support Services
Phone: 02 6763 2321, Email: admin2@tfss.com.au   Web: www.tfss.com.au

Maitland & Morrisett

Louise Pratt, Family Support
Phone:  0425 251 622, Email: louise.pratt1@gmail.com

Tweed Heads

Karen Cummins, Parent & Family Counsellor, Mindful Crossroads
Phone: 0400 416 535, Email: info@mindfulcrossroads.com.au


Mel Burgess, Family Support, Love Parenting
Phone: 0455 955 700  Email:  hello@loveparenting.com.au
Website:  www.loveparenting.com.au

Riverina Region

Kerryn Foley, Trained Practitioner, Centacare SWNSW
Phone: 1300 619 379, Email: info@centacareswnsw.org.au

Catherine Buckle, Family Worker, Home-Start
Phone: 0427 466 844 Email: tumut@homestartaustralia.org
Website: www.homestartaustralia.org


Deidre McCalman, Trained Practitioner, Intereach
Phone: 03 5890 5242, Email: deidrem@intereach.com.au
Website: www.intereach.com.au

Lake Macquarie

Sally Speed, Kathleen Doolan & Zoe Semmler, Psychologists, Beam Services
Phone: 02 4954 9333,  Email: info@beamservices.com.au 
Website:  www.beamservices.com.au

Richard DE Martin, Coordinator North Lakes Youth Project, North Lakes Youth Phone: 02 4958 8648,  Email: nypemnc@bigpond.com
Website: www.emnc.org.au/


Roslyn Twycross, Trained Practitioner, Centacare SWNSW
Phone: 1300 619 379, Email: twycrossr@centacareswnsw.org.au
Website: www.centacareswnsw.org.au


Michelle Bird, Trained Practitioner, Manning Support Services
Phone: 02 6551 1800, Email: michelle.b@mssinc.org.au
Website: www.mssinc.org.au

Griffith & Leeton Regions

Emma Nardi, Trained Practitioner, Centacare South West
Phone: 1300 619 379, Email: info@centacareswnsw.org.au
Website: www.centacareswnsw.org.au

Central Coast

Julie Bell, Trained Practitioner, Personal Consultancy
Phone: 0415 697 109, Email: julie@personal consultancy.com.au
Website: www.personalconsultancy.com.au

Robwyn English, Early Childhood Educator & Trained Practitioner
Phone: 0413 784 158, Email: robwyn@hotmail.com


Behaviour Tonics. Licensed for Face-to-Face and Webinar delivery
Brad Williams
Phone: 08 9285 8100   Email: info@behaviourtonics.com.au


Brisbane & Surrounds


Katie Oudyn, Children and Family Programs Early Childhood and Community Engagement, Department of Education. 
Phone: 0408 488 478 Email:  katoudyn@hotmail.com 

Slacks Creek

Sarah Cowan, Communities for Children
Phone:  07 3808 1684  Email:  sarah.cowan@keng.org.au Web: www.keng.org.au


Maria Manson, Guidance Officer, Jindalee State School
Phone:  07 3725 5777  Email:  mmans4@eq.edu.au


Michelle Hancock, Psychologist, Merge Programs
Phone: 0410 457 567  Email: info@mergepsychology.com.au  Web: www.mergeprograms.com.au


Ange Walker, Student Support, Bellmere State School
Phone:  07 5498 0666   Web:  awalk215@eq.edu.au

Brisbane North & Sunshine Coast

Hayley Lingard, Kite Consulting
Phone:  0405 313 485 Email: kiteconsultingaus@gmail.com  Web: www.kiteconsulting.com.au


Linda Cholawinskyj, Bush Kids
Phone: 07 46671200  Email: warwick@bushkids.org.auWeb: bushkids.org.au

Acacia Ridge, Beaudesert & Browns Plains

Benevolent Society
Phone (07) 3386 9000, Email: earlyyearscentre@benevolent.org.au
Web: www.benevolent.org.au


Sharon Parker
Phone: 0403 544 575, Email: Sharon.parker1@bigpond.com

Ipswich Region 

Gailes Community House
Phone: 07 3879 3004 Email: familylink@gailescommunityhouse.com.au
Web: www.gailescommunityhouse.com.au



Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Katie Oudyn, Children and Family Programs Early Childhood and Community Engagement, Department of Education. 
Phone: 0408 488 478 Email:  katoudyn@hotmail.com 


David Hamilton, Trained Practitioner,  Community Care Beenleigh
Phone:  07 3807 7355  Email:  david@communitycarebeenleigh.com Website: www.communitycarebeenleigh.com

Upper Coomera

Solutions for Life, Psychological & Assessment Services, Dr. Kerry Marsh,
Phone: (07) 5549 1696  Email: s4lgroup@bigpond.com  Web: www.solutionsforlife.net.au


Queensland Regional


Cheryl Pankratz,  Family Support, Department of Education
Phone: 0434 477 290  Email: cpank1@eq.edu.au

Michaela Boyce,  Family and Relationship Counsellor, CentacareCQ – Bundaberg
Phone: 1300 523 985  Email: michaelab@centacare.net

Townsville & Surrounds

Jodie Klaproth, Coordinator Education & Life Skills Program,  Centacare NQ
Phone:  1300 672 273  Email:  iapractitioner@centacarenq.org.au Web: www.centacarenq.org.au

Colleen Carr-Pauline & Heidi Jeppesen, Annandale State School
Phone: 07 47295111, Email: 123magic@annandaless.eq.edu.au

Margie Gundry, Complete Mentail Health
Phone: 0487 985 726 Email: completementalhealth@outlook.com Website: www.completementalhealth.com.au

Clermont, Central West Qld

Helen Farrell, Chaplain
Phone:  0423 937 476,  Email:  helenf@chappy.org.au

Moranbah, Isaac Region

Chiara Greenhalgh, Psychologist, CPS Health
Phone: 07 4941 8052  Email:  chiara@cpshealth.com  Web: www.cpshealth.com.au

Fraser Coast (Maryborough & Harvey Bay)

Lyn Hine, Trained Practitioner
Phone: 0422 363 220, Email: lynmayhine@gmail.com 



Jenny Perrott, Uniting Country SA
Phone: 0428 326 551, Email jenny.perrott@ucsa.org.au  Web: www.ucsa.org.au

Port Pirie/ Port Augustus/ Whyalla & Flinders Districts

Gail Reid, Uniting Care
Phone: 0419 165 526, Email: gail.reid@ucsa.org.au, Website: www.ucsa.org.au



Inner Hobart/ Salamanca

Dr Katie Dykes, Psychology
Phone: 6224 1633, Email: kdykes@salamancapsychology.com.au, Web: www.salamancapsychology.com.au

Anglicare Tasmania INC.
P: (03) 6213 3558 | M: 0429 177 549 | Freecall 1800 243 232, Email: a.lutz@anglicare-tas.org.au

Sonja Preston, Parenting Consultant
Ph: 0412 888 052 Email: sonja@theparentingcafe.com.au www.theparentingcafe.com.au

Greater Hobart Area (Southern Tasmania)

ParentingPlus (Gai Bath & Maxine Lowry)
Phone: 0409971757
Email: info@parentingplus.net.au 
Website: www.parentingplus.net.au


Salvation Army, Doorways to Parenting Program
Erica Heffernen
P: 0409 856 128, Email: erica.heffernen@aus.salvationarmy.org

Northern Tasmania – Newnham

Must be referred by GP, Allied Health Prof or Child Health Nurs
Support for parents of 0-5 year olds
Allison Reader & Deb Leech
allison.reader@ths.tas.gov.au or debbie.leech@ths.tas.gov.au
Phone: 03 6777 1430



Sandra Barrow & Deborah Trengrove, Parenting International
Phone: 0402 055 055 Email: sandra@parentinginternational, Web: www.parentinginternational.com.au

Melbourne (Outer West)

Children & Parenting Support Service Trained Practitioner, Salvation Army
Phone:  0447 780 519  Email:  capss@aus.salvationarmy.org  Web: www.capss.org.au

Nunawading & Donvale

Melinda Gladman, Clinical Psychologist
Phone: 0402 454 286  Email: melindagladman@bigpobd.com


Sarah Brcan, Psychologist, Aspire Health and Psychology
Phone: 03 9391 9866, Email: sarah.brcan@aspireonline.com.au
Web: www.psychology.org.au/sarahbrcan

Sherianne Wong, Aspire Online
Phone: 03 9391 9866   Email: sheriannewong@aspireonline.com.au


Graham Dawes, Think Talk Do
Phone:  0467 296 709   thinktalkdo@westnet.com.au

Oakleigh South & Surrounds

Gauri Sanjanwala, Occupational Therapist,  Yooralla Inner South Children’s Services
Phone: 0401 578 178  Email: Gauri.Sanjanwala@gmail.com


WA State-wide

Brad Williams, Behaviour Tonics, Parenting Support & Practitioner Training
Phone: 08 9285 8100 EmailL  info@behaviourtonics.com.au Web: www.behaviourtonics.com.au

Kim Allard, Meerilinga Parenting Service
Phone: (08) 9331 2211   mail: kim.allard@meerilinga.org.au


Marie Sorgiovanni, Early Childhood Educator – Perth North and West Suburbs
Phone:   Email: msorgiovanni@hotmail.com

Elizabeth Anne Holleley Perth Counselling
Phone: 0423 963 083  Email: anne@perthcounsellingandhypnosis.com.au Web: www.perthcounsellingandhypnosis.com.au


Carrina Hampton, Counsellor, Bunbury Counselling
Phone: 08 9721 9939  Email: carrina@bunburycounselling.com.au  
Web: www.bunburycounselling.com.au

Mundaring, Swan, Bassendean & Bayswater

Midvale Hub Parenting Service, Perth North East
Phone: 08 9374 0327, Email: midvaluehub@mundaring.wa.gov.au  Web:  www.midvalehub.org.au


Kidshub – Angie West
Phone 0427381583  Email: angie@kidshubtc.com.au  
Web: www.kidshubtc.com.au 

Wheatbelt Region

Wanslea Family & Parenting Support – Jenifer Pages & Margy Sweeney
Phone :     Jennifer – 0447 622 736  & Margy 0439 511 045
Email: Jennifer –  jpages@wanslea.asn.au & Margy –  msweeney@wanslea.asn.au
Web: www.wanslea.asn.au

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