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Michael Hawton (MAPS) is a former teacher and one of Australia’s leading child-behaviour experts, often called upon by media for commentary relating to education, parenting issues and child-behaviour management. He is author of Engaging Adolescents and Talk Less Listen More, which have sold approximately 85,000 copies. Michael is regularly called upon to present as a guest speaker at industry-related conferences.

For interviews and media requests call 1300 738 278 or contact us.

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7 Steps for getting your anxious child back to school.

Seven steps for getting your anxious child back to school.

A guide for parents wanting to help their child back to school after periods of absenteeism.

The Project Media appearance Michael Hawton Parentshop

February, 2023

How to talk to your kids about anxiety

Michael Hawton MAPS provides advice on how parents can talk to their children about frightening world events to help ease anxiety and build resilience.

Studio 10 Media Cover

April, 2018

How much praise is too much?

Michael Hawton joined Studio 10 to discuss the topic of parental praise and whether too much praise can have a negative effect on our child's development.

Today Show Media Cover

September, 2020

Taming teens: teaching our children self control

Michael Hawton joined the Today Show to discuss behavioural difficulties in teenagers and how we can teach them more self control.

Bookshots Media Cover

August, 2013

Michael Hawton Bookshots interview

Caroline Baum interviews Michael Hawton about his book Talk Less, Listen More.

Mum's at the Table Media Cover

September, 2020

An interview with Michael Hawton on Mums At The Table on Channel 7+

Michael Hawton interviewed about his book, Engaging Adolescents, on Mum's At The Table on Channel 7+.

Studio 10 Media Cover

November, 2020

Anxious kids: how parents can help them

Michael Hawton joined Studio 10 to talk about anxiety in children and what we as parents can do to help.


Parenting: Absenteeism from school, tracking invisible students

June 2023

Michael Hawton on RNZ: Declining regular school attendance has been the focus of a lot of political debate here, and in term one last year only 46 percent of students reached the benchmark for regular attendance. It's also a hot topic across the Tasman where a Senate inquiry is looking into the problem in Australian schools. Michael Hawton is an Australian registered psychologist, a former school teacher and the founder of Parentshop which is a resource hub for parents, educators and child family specialists. He says school leaders report that student anxiety is a most significant concern and it is having an impact on them staying away from school.

Parenting: How to develop a child's resilience

April 2023

Human brains haven't significantly changed in the last 25 years so today's high levels of adolescent anxiety seem to come from our environment, Hawton tells Kathryn Ryan. Kids don't get as much sleep as they used to, and often not as much as they need. They're bombarded by information and don't get the "radical downtime" previous generations of children enjoyed. They're also overusing important words like 'anxious', 'depressed' and 'traumatised' to describe everyday annoyances, he says. [Read more](https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/2018883940/how-to-help-your-child-manage-anxiety "Read more")

Tips for ensuring your children have a happy and safe school holidays

October 2020

Michael provides advice and tips for parents who are looking for ways to keep their children happy, safe, and entertained in the coming school holiday period.

The increase in anxiety in primary school-aged children

February 2020

There is increased student anxiety in Australian primary schools and some principals say parents need to take more responsibility. Michael discusses this topic and more on ABC Mornings.



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