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Face to Face – Tough Conversations™ for Early Years Centre Directors



Tough Conversations™ for Early Years Centre Directors


Addressing difficult emotional issues with staff and parents


Centre directors face often painful emotional encounters when they need to address issues with staff or parents. Achieving harmony and balance so staff can enjoy their working environment and create a safe and warm learning space for children to thrive is the keystone to a successful early years centre.

This course provides you with simple and effective strategies to remain calm and focused and build the confidence to tackle issues early on to correct behaviour before it becomes a problem. Using role play and video examples, attendees will witness a tough conversation and have the chance to take part and practice their new-found leadership skills.

Tough Conversations Early Years meets the following NQF Standards

Standard 4: Staffing Arrangements
Standard 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
Standard 7: Leadership and service management.

Element 4.2
Educators, co-ordinators and staff members are respectful and ethical.

Element 4.2.1
Professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.

Element 4.2.3
Interactions convey mutual respect, equity and recognition of each other’s strengths and skills.

Element 6.1
Respectful and supportive relationships with families are developed and maintained.

Element 7.1
Effective leadership promotes a positive organisational culture and builds a professional learning community.

Element 7.1.3
Every effort is made to promote continuity of educators and co-ordinators at the service.

Element 7.2.2
The performance of educators, co-ordinators and staff members is evaluated and individual development plans are in place to support performance improvement.

What’s included

  • Training in how to conduct tough conversations using a script to achieve accountability.
  • A training manual containing course notes.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Lunch and refreshments.
  • A terrific opportunity to spend time with other leadership teams.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Improved knowledge of how to negotiate a solution to a problem using a scripted mediation process.
  • Greater ability to remain neutral when someone becomes frustrated or upset and to manage their emotional distress.
  • Key ideas to progress the conversation towards a pre-planned outcome.
  • Practical demonstrations of how early years educators can manage difficult behaviour in others. Learn what to do and say to achieve better outcomes.
  • Readings and literature for follow-up research.

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