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WEBINAR – Tough Conversations™ for Frontline Staff


Live online events

1 day, 08:30 AM AEDT - 04:30 PM AEDT


Presented by Michael Hawton
  • $330.00 incl. GST

1 day, 08:30 AM AEST - 04:30 PM AEST


Presented by Michael Hawton
  • $330.00 incl. GST

1 day, 08:30 AM AEST - 04:30 PM AEST


Presented by Rob Steventon
  • $330.00 incl. GST


Tough Conversations™ for Frontline Staff

Learn practical skills for managing difficult, emotional or hostile situations


Expected learning outcomes

  • Reasonable expectations to hold about a persons ability to exert self-control so that you can respond appropriately.
  • An understanding of what constitutes ‘normal’ versus ‘abnormal’ in behaviour.
  • How to describe a problem using a template approach.
  • Important conflict resolution one-liners to recall when managing a tough conversation.
  • What the research is saying about great customer service and satisfaction.
  • What you can do to assist someone to regain control.
  • How to factually and reliably record an incident in the case of further reporting.
  • Practise at completing the re-useable worksheets.

Lesson framework

  • Why people overreact.
  • Self-control factors in adults.
  • How ‘frustration tolerance’ develops in people.
  • What to tolerate: sorting out what behaviour to let go and what needs your attention.
  • A step-by-step process to address a problem.
  • Three scenarios and how to record the facts of the matter to pass onto superiors.
  • How to deal with people who come already heightened and how to manage someone who gets upset mid-conversation.
  • How to tame tigers – effectively dealing with offensive behaviour and what to say to defuse strong emotions.
  • A video demonstration of the concepts applied to a tough conversation between a member of the public and frontline staff.

Please note that this is not a train-the-trainer course and it is not designed for the subsequent on-training of other workers at your workplace.

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