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Face to Face – Resilience in our Teens


RIOT - Resilience in our Tweens


Resilience in Our Teens™ is a one-day professional learning course for teachers and teacher aides to learn the strategies for managing anxiety and building resilience at school.

Resilience in Our Teens™ course is based on three underlying principles: first, by having an understanding of how anxiety develops teachers and teacher aides can counter its progress. Second, they can play a preventative role in stopping teenagers from worrying too much. Third, there are practical steps to take to build resilience thinking in teenagers.

What’s Included

  • A certificate of completion.
  • Lunch and refreshments. 

Lesson Framework

  • Coverage of three key foundational concepts which relate to the treatment of adolescent anxiety.
  • Usual and unusual definitions of a resilience mindset.
  • Anxiety basics - ground-level understanding of how anxiety functions.
  • The modest skills which can be applied to anxious thinking and anxious behaviour to help a teenager to develop more adaptive ways to cope with adversity.
  • Four key strategies teachers and teacher aides can use in the school environment.
  • How to enlist systems and parents to positively influence teenagers anxiety.
  • A curated list of additional resources for the management of adolescent anxiety in schools.

COVID Compliance

Parentshop are a registered COVID-safe business & are only running training at COVID-safe venues. Please, if you are unwell, stay at home. 

For any queries please phone our office on 02 6680 8910 or email service@parentshop.com.au

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