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Every child deserves a family

This week I will speak at the national ‘National Permanency Conference’ run by Adopt Change in Sydney.  It is a conference about how we can help children form attachments and how we can help them be secure by placing them in more permanent placements by making...

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The role of self-regulation in learning at school

As children return to school for term 3, I wanted to discuss with you how children who are better at self-regulation perform better at school than their non-regulated peers.  And, when teachers provide these so-called 'self' regulators with prompts to figure things...

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Five barriers to tough-love parenting

Increasingly, educators and media pundits are prompting parents to take a firmer stance with their children, when it comes to their children’s bad behaviour. So, why aren’t parents willingly coming to the party? It’s a complex history that’s led to this 2017...

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