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The role of self-regulation in learning at school

As children return to school for term 3, I wanted to discuss with you how children who are better at self-regulation perform better at school than their non-regulated peers.  And, when teachers provide these so-called 'self' regulators with prompts to figure things...

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Five barriers to tough-love parenting

Increasingly, educators and media pundits are prompting parents to take a firmer stance with their children, when it comes to their children’s bad behaviour. So, why aren’t parents willingly coming to the party? It’s a complex history that’s led to this 2017...

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Sibling Rivalry

I remember someone once saying to me that not many kids end up in hospital as a result of sibling rivalry - and I think that is probably right. The odd fight here or there is par for the course and likely to happen to kids in nearly every family I know. And, I think...

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Turning 13 – Adolescent brain development

Research now supports what parents have long suspected – that the teenage brain is different than the adult brain. New findings show that the greatest changes during adolescence are to the parts of the brain that are responsible for functions such as self-control,...

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