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Too much praise is not a good thing

By Michael Hawton, MAPS. I have been asked to comment on whether we are praising our children too much, and I believe that we are. When parents heap praise on their child, by responding every time he or she does something mundane, they can easily get drawn into a...

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Problem solving – without Google!

How to incorporate funcraft and educational learning in the home… By Michael Hawton, Parentshop It’s time to shut off the screen, step away from the iPad and look at new (or should I say old-school) ways of educating children through funcraft and games. While it may...

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Every child deserves a family

This week I will speak at the national ‘National Permanency Conference’ run by Adopt Change in Sydney.  It is a conference about how we can help children form attachments and how we can help them be secure by placing them in more permanent placements by making...

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