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Mental wellness and resilience

Mental wellness and resilience

Hardly a day goes by without a report in the media about the rising rates of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses in children and young people. The causes are, no doubt, complex and varied. We live in a busy world, with many demands on children and their...
Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes

by Kathryn Daniels, speech pathologist, and Michael Hawton, child and family psychologist.  Between the two us, we have had over 60 years of clinical experience in speaking with parents and seeing young children in child health settings. Recently, we were chatting at...
A parent-led method for managing a child’s anxiety

Building resilience before bullying occurs.

Let’s not wait until they’re bullied to prepare our children for other’s meanness. I think it’s interesting that when children are found to have been bullied we, of course, do what we can to stem the bullying behaviour. We also seek to remedy the hurt through...

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