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Create positive outcomes in your region

Parentshop’s training solutions help you make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and parents by reducing the effects of behavioural issues.

Parentshop Australia works with school leaders, teachers and the early years sector to conduct behaviour management programs. Our sister company Parentshop Global has launched in China and is soon to be set up in other parts of Asia.

We provide face-to-face behaviour management programs and online behaviour management courses. We have trained over 11,000 professionals and our solutions have been heralded as practical, method-based and real-life solutions to every day workplace and family situations.

We are looking for distributors or partners in the international development of our business. To express your interest please contact [email protected] for an information pack.

How does the training work?

International research shows that young people who can control their impulses do better in social and academic situations. Parents, health and education practitioners can easily learn to coach them in this.

Parentshop trained practitioners will be equipped with the skills to understand and teach:

  • How adults can manage conflict and behavioural issues
  • How adults can reduce stress in challenging situations
  • What happens when children and young people get upset
  • What adults can do to help them manage their emotions
  • How to help young people engage their ‘mental brakes’ and develop self-control and maturity.

Our training creates positive outcomes in your region

Parentshop’s parent education programs empower social, economic and cultural change by providing an alternative approach to discipline with practical, effective, real-world solutions to universally experienced common behaviour issues in young people.

Our programs are easy to understand and implement, empowering parental confidence and improving family bonds by helping families better relate to their children, helping them to build a stronger family unit for the long term and reducing the impact of behavioural issues on communities.

Experts in behaviour management

Established in 2006, Parentshop is a market leader in training and resources for Educators, Child & Family Specialists and Parents. It offers easy, effective training solutions to manage children and young people’s difficult behaviour. Developed by teacher, author and psychologist Michael Hawton, Parentshop’s training courses have already been taught to over 10,500 teachers and professionals and 110,000 parents around Australia.

“At the heart of what we do is the ability to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and families.”

Let’s work together to make a real difference

At Parentshop we have one simple goal: to reduce the use of physical punishment as a method of managing children’s behaviour. We know that this will not only make a real difference to children now, but also by creating healthy family behaviours it stands to make a difference to their children and the generations to come. We can create lasting positive outcomes in our societies and economies. If you have a mandate to effect major change in your region, let’s work together to make a difference.

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