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Talk Less Listen More™ & Emotion Coaching in the Classroom 


A convenient and cost effective way to equip education professionals across your whole elementary school
with a flexible, effective approach to classroom discipline.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge and skills to maintain control in the classroom with confidence.
  • The ability to build students’ emotional and social capabilities by teaching them self-control.

What’s included:

  • A full day of professional development training.
  • A course workbook & certificate of completion for each participant.

This course supports the development of students’ personal and social capabilities as outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

Lesson framework:

  • An overview of discipline approaches in contemporary Asia.
  • Coverage of contemporary thinking in child development, particularly the differences between adult and children’s cognitive abilities.
  • Sorting behaviours: what’s involved and the implications for how teachers will respond.
  • Common mistakes in addressing misbehaviour, particularly the problem with too much talk and too much emotion.
  • Processes of pattern-establishment and change: how negative reinforcement works, the characteristics of patterns, how to interrupt patterns and extinction bursts.
  • Response flexibility in teachers: knowing how to avoid getting ‘hooked’ by children’s negative emotions.
  • Choosing your strategy – the three choices:
 do nothing, 
emotion coach 
or use Talk Less Listen More™.
  • Using Talk Less Listen More™: what it’s used for and what it’s not used for, how it’s done properly
, how to implement it at home, how to avoid the two biggest mistakes of parenting.
  • Developing response flexibility in children:
 emotion coaching and cognitive strategies teachers can teach children.
  • Encouraging start behaviours: 20 tips for encouraging wanted behaviour.

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What schools are saying…

“The program has been implemented throughout the year with statistics showing a better than 50% reduction in the number of suspensions and acts of bullying. What the statistics don’t show is the improvements in the positive-type behaviours we see going on.”

“After 18 years of teaching I thought I knew all about discipline in the classroom. Since I have implemented the program, I have found I have more control of my class (and myself) which allows me to teach and once again enjoy my job!”

“After only three days my class is so much more conscious of what they are doing and I’m talking a lot less. Thanks again for the course.”

“Great course with a very practical and realistic approach. Well grounded in research and practical experience.”

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