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Parent-led child development interactive webinar for parents over three, 2 hour sessions:
Session 1: Thursday, 6th May 21 6.30-8.30pm
Session 2: Thursday, 13th May 21 6.30-8.30pm
Session 3: Thursday, 20th May 21 6.30-8.30pm

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Parenting has got to be the hardest job on the planet – but it’s also the most rewarding. We are often plagued with worries as parents – will our child do well in life, will they be happy and safe, will they make friends at school.

But sometimes it can seem like our children are burdened with their own anxieties too. Everyone becomes anxious, but how do we know if our child’s anxiety is out of the ordinary? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if their worries are anxiety, or just a part of normal day to day life.

No Scaredy Cats is a child development course that aims to support you and your child through the ups and downs of life. It is what we call a ‘parent-led’ approach, meaning that you take on the role of the coach in your child’s life, and are able to guide them through emotionally distressing episodes.
Designed & developed by psychologist, author and teacher Michael Hawton, it equips you with a practical and easy set of tools, and a solid understanding of the theory behind these to enable you to build resilience in your child. 

A great framework for explaining anxiety in kids and empowering parents with the skills to manage it.

General Psychologist, Psychological Solutions

Upcoming live interactive webinar.

This live interactive webinar for parents will be held over three, 2 hour sessions – 6th, 13th & 20th MAY 2021 from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
Registration is NOW ON SALE $59!

Wednesday, 11 August 2021 - Wednesday, 25 August 2021

06:30 PM - 08:45 PM (3 weeks)

  • Online
Presented by
Michael Hawton
  • $59.00 incl. GST

Wed 11 Aug 2021 - Wed 25 Aug 2021

06:30 PM - 08:45 PM (3 weeks)

Held over three, two-hour long sessions, the No Scaredy Cats parent-led child development program will assist parents to identify anxious behaviour and build resilience in children.

Online Course COMING SOON

Register your interest in our upcoming No Scaredy Cats online course for parents. This self-paced course will be finished in the coming months and will assist parents to identify and reduce anxiety and build resilience….

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What the experts are saying…

A great framework for explaining anxiety in kids and empowering parents with the skills to manage it.

General Psychologist, Psychological Solutions

Very practical, user-friendly, evidence-based information to support parents so they can better support their children.

Assistant Principal Learning & Support, NSW Dept. of Education

The trainer knows his stuff and parents find his programs engaging and useful. Definitely of value for any parent, not just those needing extra help.

School Counsellor/ Psychologist, NSW Dept. of Education

The course is concise, insightful and interactive. The trainer provides real-life strategies that are easy to follow and implement.


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