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Parentshop’s training solutions make a real difference to the lives of children and parents
by reducing the effects of  behavioural issues. 

Here are two powerful ways we support you to improve behaviour.


Talk Less Listen More 

If you’re a parent who’s reaching the end of your rope with your child’s meltdowns and difficult behaviour, we have good news for you. You’re not alone and we can help you inch back down that rope, starting now!

The Talk Less Listen More online parenting course is designed to make parenting your 2-12 year old easier and to help you successfully manage their difficult behaviour.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Help your kids not to overreact.
  • Build your kids’ emotional maturity and resilience for greater social and academic success.
  • Improve your parenting confidence and strengthen family bonds.



Engaging Adolescents

Learn practical skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems in modern times. Build a stronger relationship and renew your sense of confidence by equipping yourself with the skills to hold a tough conversations about challenging behaviour with your teen.

Parents will learn:

  • Some common ground shared by parents & reasonable expectations to hold about teenagers
  • New understandings of adolescent brain development
  • Building relationship with your teenager –  and making the best of your non-crisis conversations with them
  • Skills to hold tough conversations about teenage challenging behaviour
  • Real-world tips on managing technology use, and
  • Understanding the impacts of social media and videogames


michael_headshot_lgYour experts in behaviour management

Established in 2006, Parentshop is a market leader in training and resources for parents.

It offers easy, effective training solutions to manage young people’s difficult behaviour.Developed by teacher, author and psychologist Michael Hawton, Parentshop’s training courses have already been taught to over 100,000 parents around Australia.

“At the heart of what we do is the ability to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and families.”


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