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Talk Less Listen More 


Based on our highly successful 1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching course, Talk Less Listen More
is the quick, convenient and effective online training solution for parents.

This online course teaches parents simple strategies to improve their 2-12 year-old’s behaviour by teaching them self-control.

This course is excellent for:

  • Parents to integrate school based learning at home  – when children receive clear, consistent messages and a predictable and effective response to behavioural issues by all adults within the school community it more likely to achieve positive outcomes
  • Parents with an urgent need for behavioural management support – such as parents of children facing disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion
  • Parents with access, support or mobility issues
  • Fathers, who are 8 times more likely to do an online course than attend a community-based program with their partner*

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of a child’s cognitive development and how it differs from adults.
  • The skills to teach a child self-control – the ability to manage their emotions and control their behaviour.
  • The skills to effectively deal with a child’s meltdowns quietly and calmly.
  • The skills to build a child’s emotional maturity and resilience for greater social and academic success.
  • Greater ability to connect emotionally with a child and build family bonds.
  • Improved parenting confidence.

Lesson framework:

  • Three big ideas
  • What is self-regulation?
  • Understanding childhood development
  • Too much information: what happens when there’s too much talking and emotion
  • Sorting behaviour: what to do and how to respond to different types of behaviour
  • Negative reinforcement and how to change patterns of behaviour
  • How to deal with resistance to change
  • Three choices: ABNs and the signal to stop
  • Introducing the new system to your family
  • Time out
  • To apologise or not?
  • Three strategies and how to choose one
  • Emotion coaching in practice
  • How to encourage wanted behaviour
  • Building bonds with your child




What the experts are saying…

“I would recommend this e-course as an excellent first port of call for parents wanting to learn strategies to discipline their children with greater confidence.”


“I would recommend Talk Less Listen More to others as it is simple to understand, simple to implement and most importantly, it works. Don’t hesitate, just do it!”


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