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primary teachers & leaders

The Anxiety Coach™ Whole School Program

The Anxiety Coach, whole-school program takes a wrap-around approach to help children learn skills to manage anxiety and build resilience by engaging the significant adults in their life in training. The program is consistent with the Australian Student Well­being Framework (ASWF) and includes:

  • Providing training and resources for nominated implementation coaches (in-school project advocates), teachers and parents to ensure the significant adults in children’s lives are equip with the latest evidence-based tools to coach children through anxious moments to build resilience.

  • Helping schools connect with their communities to ensure there is a whole-school cultural change plan in place to address anxiety, improving attendance, student engagement and academic performance.

  • Anxiety Coach provides educators with the knowledge to identify and manage child anxiety with these key elements:

    • Noting the difference between anxiety disorders and ‘normal’ anxiety.

    • How family and teacher management strategies may be inadvertently contributing to increasing anxiety and steps to realign these practices.

    • How adults in the child’s environment can assist children to become mentally stronger.

    • Conversational interventions teachers can use to facilitate resilience-thinking skills and proven arousal reduction techniques.

Anxiety Coach meets the requirements of the Student Wellbeing Boost criteria as a wellbeing program.

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