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No Scaredy Cats™ in the Classroom

No Scaredy Cats™ is a one-day professional learning course for teachers, teacher aides and early learning staff to learn classroom strategies for managing anxiety and building resilience in the classroom. The No Scaredy Cats™ course is based on three underlying principles: first, by having an understanding of how anxiety develops teachers and teacher aides can counter its progress. Second, they can play a preventative role in stopping children from worrying too much. Third, there are practical steps to take to build resilient thinking in children.

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"I believe the 'No Scaredy Cats' Presentation showed us, as teachers, a way forward. It emphasised the importance of getting the foundations right to developing strong and resilient children, parents and teaching teams. It allowed us to believe and embrace that change is always possible."

Anthea Carder

Heritage College, Perth

"The No Scaredy Cats training was incredibly useful and eye opening. I can apply the knowledge and skills I have learnt immediately into my everyday teaching. This course has equipped me with the background information and confidence to tackle some tricky issues and have some difficult conversations."


Majura Primary

"The presenters were very engaging, and the material and content was delivered in a clear and logical manner with opportunities for interaction. I found the "Five Star (Multifactorial) Model" to be a very helpful tool to help reduce anxiety and build resilience amongst our students. I would highly recommend this course for teachers and leaders."

Rom Fabrizio

St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School


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