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Tough Conversations™ with Youth

How do youth workers build trust, foster safe independence and maintain open communication with young people?

Psychologist and former teacher, Michael Hawton and his team, present Tough Conversations with Youth. A practical workshop for youth workers in overcoming the challenges of engaging with adolescents to manage their challenging or uncooperative behaviour.

Michael, author of Engaging Adolescents which has sold over 10,000 copies worldwide since May 2017, shares his formula for building communication skills and clear boundaries.

This workshop provides the practical elements and skills for having tricky-to-hold, but necessary, conversations with young people. Youth workers will walk away with a renewed sense of confidence about the role they can play in teenagers’ lives, without conversations becoming arguments.

Attendees will see video examples of both poorly conducted conversations and, by contrast, more effective conversations using a semi-rehearsed script. This course tackles the best strategies to make a positive difference in teenagers’ lives.


"Excellent training! A wonderful balance of research, real life examples, information and demonstrations."

Stephanie Sluis

Youth Justice, TAS Health

"This course provided terrific and valuable practical information that is directly relation to professional theories including cognitive psychology. It allows young people to become aware rather than feeling blamed."

Belinda James

Youth Justice, TAS Health

"A comprehensive training combining sound theory and a practical framework. This enabled me to develop my skills and understandings and has motivated me to further investigate the area of tough conversations."

Cheryl McFadzean

Pax Consulting



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