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Surviving Your Adolescents DVD – How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 Year Olds


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Adolescents Don’t Have to Drive You Crazy

Living with a teenager is no picnic. There are times when you must bite your tongue as they push towards independence. Or if you sense there is trouble – there are times when you must take charge. This book gives you a step-by-step approach that will help end the hassles and offer concrete solutions.With the Surviving Your Adolescents DVD by Thomas Phelan you will learn:

  • What is normal adolescent behaviour
  • How to manage teen risk-taking
  • Exactly what problems require professional attention
  • What problems require “letting go”
  • The Four Cardinal Sins (What not to do!)
  • The relationship between parent-teen communication and adolescent safety
  • The five ways to improve your relationship
  • What role to take: observer, advisor, negotiator, director
  • How do you respond to emotional blackmail
  • From fashion to passion: guidelines for specific problems

Concise and encouraging, Surviving Your Adolescents does not assume that parents of teens have infinite amounts of time energy or patience. Dr Phelan’s message is clear: you are neither alone nor powerless. With the guide, you can survive your adolescents.
“With his trademark practicality and humor, Dr. Phelan provides parents with empowering nuts-and-bolts guidance.”

Irene Wood, Parent and Editor.

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