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More 1-2-3 Magic™ DVD


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 More 1-2-3 Magic DVD: Encouraging Positive Behaviour

 Mums and Dads learning to parent, can be fun!

In addition to controlling difficult behaviour, parents need to know how to encourage good behaviour so they can enjoy their children and relate to them with warmth and affection. In More 1-2-3 Magic, Dr. Phelan explains how to get your children to do the good things you want them to do, such as getting up and out in the morning, eating, going to bed and – this will warm your heart – picking up after themselves.

You will also learn practical, down to earth strategies for encouraging your children’s growing independence and for promoting reasonable, healthy self-esteem. During More 1-2-3 Magic, you’ll enjoy having some good laughs – both at yourself and parenting in general. But most important, you will learn how to raise competent, responsible and happy kids.

More 1-2-3 Magic covers:

  • three parental qualities that foster competence in kids;
  • how to encourage and respect your child’s growing independence;
  • 10 strategies for building self-esteem; up and out in the morning;
  • how to get your kids to pick up after themselves;
  • making mealtimes more enjoyable;
  • how to avoid homework civil wars;
  • going to bed and staying there; and
  • family meetings obnoxious but effective.

“Simply the best guide for parenting…humorous and to the point.” John Blair, M.D. Pedia

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