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Talk Less, Listen More – Michael Hawton


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Talk Less, Listen More offers parents of 2-12 year-olds new, easy-to-implement strategies to manage their children’s difficult behaviour and equip kids with essential impulse-control skills.  Helping kids to develop their ‘mental brakes’ can develop their ability to manage their emotions and control their behaviour. These are important skill for young people to have as they mature. Research has shown that kids who can control their impulses do better in social and academic situations. The methods in Talk Less Listen More also assist parents to focus on building their children’s resilience and maturity, by developing their children’s ability to tolerate frustrations and difficult emotions.

The book helps parents recognise the behaviours they want to stop, the behaviours they want to promote and ways for parents to connect emotionally with their children and build family bonds.

“I have been using Michael’s parenting methods with my children for almost 7 years. As a parent, it’s wonderful when you’re feeling totally at sea to have something to hold on to that works reliably. Using his methods has helped my kids keep the magnitude of their reaction more in line with the issue that has upset them. I also recommend it to parents frequently in my work as a speech pathologist when their child’s behaviour is a barrier to their development. It’s quite hard to get this quality of resources; this book is a real opportunity for parents to have access to Michael’s work no matter where they are.” – Nicole, Mother of two and Speech Pathologist 

Talk Less, Listen More offers parents a wealth of insight and effective tools they can implement immediately. Start your journey to a more peaceful family life and better relationships with your kids today.

About the author

Michael Hawton, MAPS, B.A., Grad. Dip. (App. Psych.), Dip. (Teaching), Grad. Cert. (Bus. Admin), Parentshop Founder

Michael Hawton is a registered psychologist, trained teacher, author, international speaker, media commentator and father of two. Michael is one of Australia’s foremost experts in managing children’s difficult behaviour. He has 28 years’ experience working with children and families including in his private practice, working with the United Nations in Seychelles, and he has also prepared more than 1,000 child welfare reports for the Family Court. Michael’s training program, 1-2-3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching, has been delivered to over 6,500 professionals and 100,000 parents across Australia, NZ, UK and the United States since 2006.  He also developed Engaging Adolescents™, Master Negotiator™ for teens, 123 Magic in the Classroom for teachers and Tough Conversations™ for school leaders. He is the author of parenting book, Talk Less Listen More, which has also been produced as an e-course.

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