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The Anxiety Coach


The Anxiety Coach

By Michael Hawton



BUY NOW!! With the right information, parents can help children to overcome their anxiety, guiding any child to lessen their worrying and reduce their avoidance of challenging tasks. Childhood anxiety is much more prevalent these days, and parents and carers need to be able to help their kids to prevent dangerous escalation. With 18 years of expert, qualified experience, the author shows how to help children and tweens build up the necessary brain architecture and perspective, and create the emotional reserves and balance needed throughout life.Parent-led strategies for managing child anxiety based in cognitive behavioural approaches are vital for the successful treatment of mild to moderate levels of child anxiety. Parents, carers, and grandparents are on the spot when a child is behaving anxiously and simple interventions by them can be used across time as an effective treatment for child anxiety.About the AuthorMichael Hawton, Parentshop founder has been training family services workers and educational leaders in child behaviour management for over 18 years and has developed parent education programs since 2006. His method-based approach is designed to guide parents through a parent-led method for resolving child anxiety.

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