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If you’re a parent who’s reaching the end of your rope with your child’s meltdowns and difficult behaviour, I have good news for you.  You’re not alone and I can help you inch back down that rope, starting now!

Talk Less Listen More™ program is the Australian version of the highly respected and recommended ‘123 Magic’ co-authored by US Based Clinical Psychologist Thomas Phelan and Parentshop founder Michael Hawton, an Australian psychologist and parenting expert.

It has made a big difference to how I parent my toddler and I have seen a vast improvement in his behaviour.

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Making Parenting Easier

The Talk Less Listen More online parenting course is designed to make parenting your 2-12 year old easier and to help you successfully manage their difficult behaviour.

Drawing on 27 years’ experience as a psychologist, teacher and parenting expert, I’ll help you to quickly learn simple, practical strategies that will make a BIG difference to your child’s behaviour by teaching them to develop self-control.

– Michael Hawton, MAPS:

Here’s what we’ll cover in the course:

  • Three big ideas
  • What is self-regulation?
  • Understanding childhood development
  • Too much information: what happens when there’s too much talking and too much emotion
  • Sorting behaviour: what to do and how to respond to different types of behaviour
  • Negative reinforcement and how to change patterns of behaviour
  • How to deal with resistance to change
  • Three choices: ABNs and the signal to stop
  • Introducing the new system to your family
  • Time out
  • To apologise or not?
  • Three strategies and how to choose one
  • Emotion coaching in practice
  • How to encourage wanted behaviour
  • Building bonds with your child

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Help your kids not to overreact.
  • Build your kids’ emotional maturity and resilience for greater social and academic success.
  • Improve your parenting confidence and strengthen family bonds.

This is a fast, convenient, and affordable way that you & your partner can learn together.

It’s great for dads, as research found that dads are 8x more likely to attend an online course than a community-based program with their partner.

About your facilitator, parenting expert Michael Hawton

Michael Hawton MAPS is a psychologist with 27 years’ experience, a teacher, author and father of two. He has extensive experience working with children and families in private practice and in the Family Courts and has prepared over 1,000 child welfare reports. Michael has developed several nationally-recognised parent and teacher training courses which have helped make parenting easier for 100,000 parents around Australia.

“Will you join us?  In just three hours you could be well on your way to enjoying family time again and watching your kids begin to do better at school.”




Take the first step towards easier parenting today, ENROL NOW…

Here’s what you will get:

  • Immediate 24-hour online access to the course
  • 15 short self-paced video lessons
  • Quizzes to test your progress
  • A certificate of completion

What the experts are saying…

I would recommend this e-course as an excellent first port of call for parents wanting to learn strategies to discipline their children with greater confidence.


I would recommend Talk Less Listen More to others as it is simple to understand, simple to implement and most importantly, it works. Don’t hesitate, just do it!


What parents are saying…

It has made a big difference to how I parent my toddler and I have seen a vast improvement in his behaviour.

Aussie Mum Network

When you are feeling completely lost at sea it is wonderful to have something to hold on to that works reliably. Using these methods has helped my kids keep the magnitude of their reactions more in line with the issue that has upset them.

SPEECH PATHOLOGIST & MOTHER of a 9-year-old son & 7-year-old daughter

I have three kids who are each quite challenging in their own rights. Talk Less Listen More taught me about “inside out” parenting. So now when my kids are acting up or getting frustrated, instead of focusing on them and their behaviour, I try to put myself in their shoes and focus on myself and choosing my reaction. It’s brought consciousness into my parenting and it’s definitely made a difference with my kids.

MOTHER of 7, 3-year-old sons, & an 18-month-old daughter

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