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Tough Conversations™ for School Leaders


Holding students, parents & staff accountable for bad behaviour & breached expectations

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I’m Michael Hawton from Parentshop.

I’m sure you already know that the boss of any school has to manage difficult problems every day – not the least of which are those situations involving emotions as you’re talking with parents, staff and students. The chance of conflict is exacerbated by people’s wide-ranging backgrounds, by their expectations and sometimes even people’s sense of entitlement.

When I heard that the 2014 Principal Health & Wellbeing Survey found that principals are having a higher than average incidence of bullying, threats and violence in their jobs – compounded by the emotional investment by parents – I knew that I could help. In my own work in the Family Court, I came across lots of people who were upset with the court, with their partner, or at times – even with myself.

I’d like to show you some of the things that I learnt. In Tough Conversations™, I hope to be able to teach you how to quickly assess what is happening in high-stakes conversations, and then to make on-the-spot decisions that lead to better outcomes. I will show you how to maintain your personal power, so you don’t over react or prematurely finish a conversation if you don’t need to.

I’ll demonstrate ways in which conversations can end-up going wrong  – and how you can anticipate and manage likely issues or objections. Plus, given most people have some capacity to pull themselves together, I will also show you can help that person ‘get a grip’ and then steer the conversation towards a pre-planned and positive outcome.

Tough Conversations™ is a method-based training course that will give you a kit-bag of ideas to implement back at work. The process I will teach you can be applied to many types of problems you face with adults, or even a child who is het up.

Join me at upcoming courses near you where I’ll help you with some tried and proven skills that will help you be more equipped to manage Tough Conversations™ – and that will reduce the daily stress you might come across in your workplace.

I look forward to seeing you at the next course.

All the best,

Michael Hawton

Tough Conversations™ will contribute 7 hours of QTC Registered PD addressing 7.1.4 and 7.3.4 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Lead Teacher Accreditation in NSW

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

08:30 AM AEST - 04:30 PM AEST (1 day)

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Michael Hawton
  • $299.00 incl. GST

Tue 15 Sep 2020

08:30 AM AEST - 04:30 PM AEST (1 day)

Monday, 12 October 2020

08:30 AM AEDT - 04:30 PM AEDT (1 day)

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Rob Steventon
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Mon 12 Oct 2020

08:30 AM AEDT - 04:30 PM AEDT (1 day)

Monday, 30 November 2020

08:30 AM AEDT - 04:30 PM AEDT (1 day)

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Presented by
Rob Steventon
  • $330.00 incl. GST

Mon 30 Nov 2020

08:30 AM AEDT - 04:30 PM AEDT (1 day)

What principals and school leaders are saying…

99.4% of school principals would recommend this course to other school leaders.

“Philip Riley refers to the “emotional labour” of the Principalship. There is no doubt in my mind that a significant component of this is the “tough conversation” – no matter with whom that may occur as part of a leader’s work in their school… Tough Conversations provides insight into what makes the conversations so tough; how to prepare, manage and prosper through those conversations; and then come away feeling energised with an issue resolved and/or a meaningful plan in place. People report feeling much better within themselves when they have this training to draw on; which also means that they don’t feel like they are personally in a firing line anymore! Everyone benefits.” – Malcolm Elliot, President of the Tasmanian Principals Association

“Almost on a daily basis, principals and school leaders are confronted by the need to hold tough conversations. Whether with parents, students or staff we can hardly look forward to them. What we can do though is be equipped and prepared to manage these conversations and get the best possible result – without too much stress. Tough Conversations Workshop provides the strategies we need.” – Dennis Yarrington, President, APPA

“The presentation was engaging and thought provoking and helpful. I have taken away many tips and resources that I will use. I look forward to attending another course soon!” Meghan Wilson, Principal, Yagoona Public School, NSW.

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