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child & family specialists

Anxiety Coach™ for Child & Family Specialists

The course is based on three underlying perspectives: first, by having an understanding of how anxiety develops, community and family support workers can assist parents to counter its progress in children. Second, community and family support workers can assist parents to take a preventative role in the development of anxiety problems in 4 -12 year-olds. Third, there are practical steps parents can take to develop resilience thinking skills in 4 -12 year-olds. Previously called No Scaredy Cats. To become a certified parent educator, you’ll be provided with additional resources needed in order to present to parents. This ensures that our product is only being taught at the highest quality. There are several benefits in becoming certified: Certification is renewed each year at $69 for your first year and $49 thereafter. To remain certified, parent educators are required to complete a refresher every five years. Certification for the year is included in the refresher price.


"I have attended a number of courses on children’s emotional health & wellbeing. This has been the most practical and well set-out workshop I have attended, and I feel confident in using this to support the families I work with. It will make a huge difference in building children’s ability to manage all life’s situations."

Kylie Wilson


"As a parenting facilitator, this course has given me the parent friendly language to empower and equip parents in their role, especially in this very topical and often stressful challenge."

Michelle Cuthbertson

Parenting Facilitator



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