Simple and effective solutions to manage kids’ behaviour

 Join over 100,000 people already helped by Parentshop

Parentshop is Australia’s leading provider of simple and effective solutions for managing difficult behaviour.

These days parents and professionals are bombarded with parenting information. Yet the people we speak to day-in, day-out say it’s often too complicated, it doesn’t work or it only solves part of the problem. They feel frustrated and confused. They just need an easy, affordable solution and they need it now!

That’s why we created Parentshop. Led by one of Australia’s foremost parenting experts, psychologist Michael Hawton. For the last decade Parentshop’s highly experienced team has provided training courses and resources to equip all members of our communities with the skills and tools they need to work with children, youth and challenging personalities.

We’ve already helped more than 10,500 professionals and 110,000 parents around Australia. Join us. Find your solution here today.

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