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A whole school approach to manage difficult and disruptive behaviour

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123 Magic & Emotion Coaching in the Classroom


A whole school approach to effectively manage difficult behaviour and teach self-regulation

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Brad Williams from Parentshop

In the last 20 years I have spent countless hours in primary schools observing and hearing of the struggles teachers endure with poor student behaviour, which too often leads to high levels of stress, frayed relationships and poor learning outcomes.

Pleasingly, I have also found that when we provide schools with some good information, a few practical strategies and the will for change it doesn’t have to be this way. Having trained over 5000 teachers and education assistants from Arnhem Land to Esperance and everywhere in between I can confidently say that 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching in the Classroom makes a difference. It is complimentary to Positive Behaviour Support, CMS and other programs in schools, as evidenced by the 3 principals in our video, who have had an ongoing whole school approach for 5 years or more. They also choose to offer the parenting program to the families at the school.

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching provides teachers with flexibility, where in the moment, they can choose what they will or won’t do as the emotions arise or as the behaviour is happening. It gives teachers a simple and structured approach to manage rude, hurtful and distracting behaviours, leaving more time for teaching.

As much as I like seeing the 123 be effective, it is the Emotion coaching I love to see in action. As a well-known sports commentator says, “Its Special.” It involves teachers showing empathy to soothe emotions, while helping children to reflect on and identify with their emotions and become more competent at managing those emotions. It also has the added bonus of improving relationships. The outcome is that children learn to respond more flexibly to environmental triggers, thus improving self-regulation.

So, why not contact me to ask your questions or to discuss you training needs.

All the best

Brad Williams

This course supports the development of students’ personal and social capabilities as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. Even if your school subscribes to Positive Behaviour Support, this course is an excellent supplement. It trains teachers in a method of classroom discipline so that they know what to do to effectively maintain control when a student’s behaviour becomes disruptive.
123 Magic & Emotion Coaching in the Classroom will contribute to 7 hours of QTC Registered PD addressing Standard Descriptors 4.3.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

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Courses start at $269.50 for early bird registrations.

Morning tea and lunch is provided, typically starting at 8.30am finishing at 3.30pm.

Wembley, WA

Behaviour Tonics

Monday 8th October – Wembley

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Baldivis, WA

Behaviour Tonics

Monday 10th December – Baldivis

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Joondanna, WA

Behaviour Tonics

Tuesday 11th December – Joondanna

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What schools are saying…

“The program has been implemented throughout the year with statistics showing a better than 50% reduction in the number of suspensions and acts of bullying. What the statistics don’t show is the improvements in the positive-type behaviours we see going on.”
Primary School Principal
“After 18 years of teaching I thought I knew all about discipline in the classroom. Since I have implemented the program, I have found I have more control of my class (and myself) which allows me to teach and once again enjoy my job!”
Year 3 Teacher

“A fantastic PD, useful practical information to implement in the school. Emotion coaching is so vital and will have a positive effect on our students and our relationships.”
Year 3 Teacher

Parentshop® Pty Ltd ACN: 121 540 690 ABN: 26 281 659 017 is the exclusive licensee of 1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom training in Australia

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