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Parentshop is is for the people who look after children of all ages, who want to be catalysts for effective change for the new generation. At Parentshop, we are here to support you to help your children to grow into confident, resilient and thriving young people. Over 150,000 parents have been trained in our progams, Parentshop is a trusted source of parent-led child development courses and resources to assist you with child anxiety and child behaviour management. Psychologist Michael Hawton has curated a list of parent resources and courses to assist you to take a Parent-led child development approach to your parenting to better manage child behaviour and child anxiety.


Our courses

Anxiety Coach Online Course

From the Blog

Introducing Children to the News


Current Affairs

Introducing Children to the News

By Parentshop StaffJune 3, 2024

Introducing children to news and current events can be challenging, especially given the prevalence of disturbing content. However, there are strategies parents and caregivers can use to help children navigate and understand the news in a healthy way.

Tough Conversations™ for Frontline Staff



Frontline Staff

The Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Communication Training for Front-of-School Staff

By Parentshop StaffMay 20, 2024

Empowering front-of-school staff with effective communication skills, particularly in handling challenging interactions with parents, is pivotal for fostering positive school environments and relationships. By investing in tailored communication training, schools can reap significant long-term advantages.

Supporting children's mental health


Childhood Mental Health

Starting on Your Journey to Supporting Children's Mental Health

By Parentshop Staff

In today's fast-paced world, parents and caregivers face a range of challenges in nurturing their children's mental health and well-being. A recent study from Smiling Mind presented a concerning statistic: only 1 in 2 parents feel confident in meeting the mental health and well-being needs of their child. This shows how important it is to find ways to help parents feel more sure of themselves.


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