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Parentshop is is for the people who look after children of all ages, who want to be catalysts for effective change for the new generation. At Parentshop, we are here to support you to help your children to grow into confident, resilient and thriving young people. Over 150,000 parents have been trained in our progams, Parentshop is a trusted source of parent-led child development courses and resources to assist you with child anxiety and child behaviour management. Psychologist Michael Hawton has curated a list of parent resources and courses to assist you to take a Parent-led child development approach to your parenting to better manage child behaviour and child anxiety.


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Anxiety Coach Online Course

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Building Sustainable Change: The Keys to Effective School-Based Projects

The Anxiety Project

Resilience in Our Teens

Childhood anxiety

Building Sustainable Change: The Keys to Effective School-Based Projects

By Parentshop StaffNovember 13, 2023

What makes a change project effective and sustainable? Behind our whole-school community change projects The Anxiety Project and Resilience in Our Teens are proven strategies to ensure sustainable change toward new habits that reduce anxiety.

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Anxiety Coach

Childhood anxiety

Child and family specialists

The Language of Support: Communicating Effectively with Anxious Children

By Parentshop Staff

Childhood anxiety has steadily been increasing in recent years. One of the most effective treatments for it is of effective communication between children and the significant adults in their life. The Anxiety Coach course recognises this crucial aspect and equips professionals with valuable insights into the language of support and how to guide parents in implementing these strategies.

7 Steps for helping your anxious child return to school.




7 Steps for helping your anxious child return to school.

By Michael Hawton

Addressing absenteeism is a significant concern for parents and educators. It is often tied to children's anxious reluctance to attend school regularly. Michael Hawton, a psychologist and Director at Parentshop, offers a practical, step-by-step guide to help parents chart a course for their child's return to school. Read the article now.


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