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Child & family specialists

We equip you with the skills to work with and teach parents to effectively manage common behavioural issues in children and youth.

In your daily work, we know you play a vital role in helping parents that are at their wits’ end to develop important new skills to deal with their kids’ difficult behaviour. Your support makes a real difference in the lives of parents and families.

That’s why Parentshop is pleased to offer you quick and affordable supportive training courses that help you to meet PD requirements.

Parentshop trained practitioners are equipped with the skills to understand and teach:

  • How parents can reduce stress in challenging situations
  • How parents can manage conflict and behavioural issues
  • What happens when children and young people get upset
  • What parents can do to help them manage their emotions
  • How to manage and reduce anxiety and build resilience in children
  • How GPs and Paediatritians can look at parent-led startegies to manage anxiety
  • How to help young people engage their ‘mental brakes’ and develop self-control and maturity.

The method-based learning is simple, practical, effective and easy to work with parents and families immediately in either becoming certified to train to parents or your daily work with children and families.

Three reasons why the significant adults in a child’s life won’t intervene in a child’s anxiety.

Our courses

1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching

From the Blog

Your secret weapon in managing child anxiety – get your child moving!




Your secret weapon in managing child anxiety – get your child moving!

By Michael HawtonJuly 6, 2022

Anxiety and worries are normal for every child. However, when those worries become persistent or inhibit what you would normally do as a family, that’s when anxiety can become a problem. So, it is important to have a toolkit of strategies to use as early intervention tools before normal childhood worries become a bigger issue. When helping your child to manage their anxiety, there is one tool that should not be overlooked. That is exercise.

Frightening world events




Tips for talking to children about frightening world events

By Michael HawtonMarch 3, 2022

Remember that injustice is something that children feel very keenly, so it is important for parents and significant adults to guide our children through these trying times. Parentshop has two programs for parents to assist children to manage anxiety and build resilience.

Why resilience is the name of the game heading into the 2022 school year




Why resilience is the name of the game heading into the 2022 school year.

By Michael HawtonJanuary 24, 2022

What if we could help our children not only be resilient but also be not so fragile. In these uncertain times, it could be one of the most important skills we teach our children. We need to be teaching our children to be stronger in themselves so that they can handle the high likelihood that life is going to be full of unexpected events, people who behave badly towards them, and challenging times.


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