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primary teachers & leaders

The Anxiety Project

Parentshop, in partnership with New South Wales Primary Principals' Association (NSWPPA) has developed The Anxiety Project to address high levels of anxiety among children in New South Wales. NSWPPA proposes that any long-term, sustainable solution for childhood anxiety will need to address a number of factors and populations. The following will be addressed by building the capacity of school leaders, teachers, SLSOs and parents to reduce children’s anxiety levels in NSW schools:

  • School Leaders – through professional learning for school leaders they will design protocols and establish a culture within their schools aimed at helping children resilience.

  • Implementation Coaches (ICs) – through having ICs in schools, it is possible to support teachers through in-class mentoring and parents, through the provision of parent education groups.

  • Teachers – through the provision of professional learning for teachers it will be possible to counter anxiety habits in children as they arise in the school environment.

  • School Learning Support Staff (SLSOs) – through the provision of professional learning for SLSOs it will be possible to counter anxious behaviour in a one-on-one setting with those children needing additional support.

  • Parents – by providing family management training for parents, we can equip parents with strategies to manage a child’s mild-level anxiety.

The Anxiety Project meets the requirements of the Student Wellbeing Boost criteria as a wellbeing program.



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