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Tough Conversations™ for Frontline Staff

Psychologist, Michael Hawton and his team, present Tough Conversations for Frontline Staff. A practical workshop for those at the frontline of a school, council or service organisation to manage difficult, emotional encounters with members of the public.

This workshop provides the practical elements and skills for effectively dealing with offensive behaviour as it arises and what to say to defuse strong emotions. 

Attendees will see video examples of both poorly conducted conversations and, by contrast, more effective conversations. 


"Very Enlightening. Loved the theory behind behaviours. Gave great tools to build with regarding structuring tough conversations."

Philippa Morton

St Peter’s Lutheran College

"I would recommend this program to everyone dealing with people everyday as it reflects on real life scenarios. It has given me confidence and a further insight of how we can deal with different conversations."

Nia Syrbopoulos

Clifton Hill Primary School

"This course was a fantastic day of information. The content regarding tough conversations was informative and well-paced. It had relatable scenarios which made it worthwhile and valuable."

Elaine Ripauonti

St Peter’s Lutheran College



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