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Tough Conversations™ for School Leaders

This course addresses the well-recognised occurrence of difficulties that school leaders face through often having to discuss sensitive, difficult subjects. Significant levels of stress for school leaders can be reduced when those conversations are handled with the skills taught in this professional development course.

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"This course was enlightening, removing barriers and fears of engaging in hard conversations. There would be great benefit for whole executive leadership teams to participate in this course together."

Deanne Aarts

Vincentia Public School

"Every school leader should do this course. I ‘m walking away with strategies I can effectively use tomorrow to improve outcomes."

David Fellows

Junee High School

"The Tough Conversations Training was a beneficial and productive opportunity to think about and plan for approaches to difficult situations as a staff group. I felt after this training that I had a framework and clear system with which to gain a positive and professional outcome to addressing problematic behaviour I encounter in my role. Thank you."

Renaye Daughton

Broderick Gillawarna School



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