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Join the Team

Are you talented and passionate about making a difference to the lives of children and families? If you are interested in joining the Parentshop team, please click here to email your CV and expression of interest.

Our Mission

To help reduce parents’ and carers’ distress levels in their role of managing children’s and teenagers’ challenging behaviour – both locally and globally, through the provision of easy to do training events and resources. We also follow the “affect the few, to affect the many” principle in the training of key influencers, such as teachers and school leaders.  Here are some goals we would like to achieve:

  • A recent UNICEF report showed that 60% of children and young people aged 4-14 globally are regularly affected by corporal punishment. We want to help to reduce the number of children being affected in this way.
  • Many fathers are not traditionally involved in community-based courses and yet we know that many fathers prefer to learn parenting skills online. We want to see more fathers involved in parenting education by pitching events to them that take into account their preferred learning styles.
  • In the western world, if a child is diagnosed with conduct disorder by the time they are in later childhood, there is a nearly 80% chance that that child will be in trouble with the legal system by the time they are 21. We want to help reduce that frequency.
  • Schools and school leaders are under increasing pressure. For example, there has been a 35% increase in children & young people being suspended in NSW schools over the past five years; we want to do something to reduce this percentage.
  • At any one time 23% of Australian parents are experiencing behavioural problems with at least one of their children; we want to help with that problem.

10 core values to operate by.

  1. Promote the mission – do things and cooperate to enable the vision to come true.
  2. Try to ‘make sense of things’ relative to this vision; when in doubt, seek advice or ask.
  3. Lessen parents’ (and their children’s) pain: streamline processes to make them easier to use and meet a parent’s needs. Identify how our product will help. Sweep the website from time to time, write practical content and direct them to the right service for them.
  4. See things through.
  5. Communicate: let us all know what you have achieved, your losses, your struggles and what you have succeeded with.
  6. Use ‘technology accelerators’ (e.g., a project management tool (to be decided), Mail-chimp or Google analytics to communicate and coordinate decision-making.
  7. Anything that is from Michael gets signed off by him.
  8. Ask for training if you need it.
  9. Meet to work out priorities, urgency and stages.
  10. Piggyback on others’ ideas, cultivate them and help others where you can.

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