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Are you talented and passionate about making a difference to the lives of children and families? If you are interested in joining the Parentshop team, please click here to email your CV and expression of interest.

Current Vacancies

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – Grade 5, 5 days a week – 9am – 3:30pm

What we do!

Parentshop is one of Australia’s leading educational specialists in bringing about lifelong behaviour change. At Parentshop, we provide specialised development training that delivers effective behavioural solutions for all ages. We train professionals in education, psychology, social work and family support groups, so they can influence behaviour change within their own organisations, and for their clients.

We have an exciting opportunity for a marketing and communications coordinator, responsible for the design and content development of newsletters, promotional material, social media channels, website and PR.

The role involves working with the general manager and the sales and events coordinators to effectively communicate our events and products to current customers and prospective attendees.  

The successful candidate will make sure the marketing ‘message’ is heard and seen by the target audience using digital and traditional methods, to successfully to convey our messages. ​ We will ask you to set a calendar of tasks and to methodically work through tasks. He/she will be able to assess and measure your efforts. You will need good consumer and product awareness and excellent written and verbal communication with the ability to work under pressure and be imaginative.

 Reporting to the GM, this role includes (but not limited to):

  • Designing effective communications strategies and content approaches to best target key segments including education, community services, early years educators and B-to-C markets.
  • Developing and implementing communication programs, campaigns, products and events.
  • Developing marketing content including collateral, flyers, blogs, vlogs, social media posts and website (including design and copy writing).
  • Developing, implementing and managing Parentshop’s social media platforms, including updating and monitoring content.
  • Liaise with the general manager, managing director and client services in the distribution of external communications.

Selection criteria


  1. Tertiary qualification in communications, journalism, marketing, public relations or a related field and a minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience working in a media/communications position focusing on both digital and traditional media.
  2. Experience in developing and implementing communications plans for a range of initiatives across a range of online, social and print media channels.
  3. Digital content creation and implementation experience.
  4. Exceptional written communication skills – with extensive experience in copywriting and proofreading. We would like to see three examples submitted with your application. 
  5. Understanding of how to engage and build relationships with journalists/media outlets as well as effectively monitor media, manage issues and identify proactive media opportunities.
  6. Ability to build and maintain strong professional relationships with stakeholders and work with them to inform and engage with relevant campaigns.
  7. Excellent organisational and time-management skills with the ability to work autonomously while referencing our strategic objectives.


  1. Demonstrated proficiency in the Adobe suite of products, including Indesign.

We encourage you to apply if you have most of these skills. In making your application, you will need please address all eight of the criteria, one by one.  If you don’t then you will not be successful.

In summary, you will have a passion for making a difference.

Applications need to be marked ‘confidential job application’ and supplied to the director [email protected] by COB Friday 10th August, 2018.

Enquiries to Director of Parentshop, Michael Hawton on 0422 214 430


Parentshop Master Trainer, Primary Education Division 

What we do!

Parentshop is Australia’s leading educational specialist in bringing about lifelong behaviour change!

Our company name may lead you to think we only work to support families, not true, we have an exciting education division that is very popular with primary schools and the early years education sector.

The specialised training courses and resources provided by Parentshop equip teachers and educators with the knowledge and practical skills to respond more effectively to difficult behaviour, while improving self-regulation.  The latest research in behavioural sciences underpin our training solutions, yet they are practical and easy-to-implement – whether in one classroom or across the whole school.

 The job – Parentshop Master Trainer, Primary Education Division

  • Would suit a highly-experienced trainer
  • Travel around Australia doing something you love
  • Make a real difference in schools and early years education, for both adults and the children

We are seeking the consultancy services of a highly-experienced trainer to teach various professional development courses throughout Australia.  We are looking for an accomplished professional who can thoroughly learn the training material and engage with a high degree of charisma with an audience for a full day of training.

You will be trained to teach the following courses:

  • 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching in the Classroom
  • Talk Less Listen More in Early Years

You will be required to travel to courses throughout Australia ranging from scheduled courses advertised on our website to in-house courses that are booked directly by schools and organisations.

Selection criteria – Please ensure you address the selection criteria and send to us in word or PDF format or your application will not proceed.

  1. A teaching qualification with at least 5 years’ experience and the contact details of 3 referees who can vouch for your skills.
  2. Capacity to travel to rural and city locations throughout the year to stay overnight and perform training from 8am to 5pm.
  3. Demonstrated ability to prepare and train with ‘unconscious competence’ within a short period of time. Required competence is 10 out of 10 on evaluation at every course.
  4. Ability to learn and follow the script in a charismatic manner without deviating and compromising the integrity of the content.
  5. Passion to make a difference in the lives of teachers, educators, young children and students.
  6. Show the high level of enthusiasm required to motivate the people you train.
  1. The successful applicant will be incentivised to market and advocate Parentshop courses/content to their existing networks and to further develop those relevant networks. The applicant will be actively supported by head office marketing and sales personnel. A desire to build upon existing networks and contacts with the view to increasing your renumeration, actively supported by head office, will be necessary to be successful.

We would encourage you to apply if you have most of these skills.  In making your application, you will need to address all of the criteria, one by one. If you don’t then you will not be successful for an interview.

Applications need to be marked ‘confidential job application’, list three referees and be submitted to Michael Hawton via email at [email protected] by COB Friday  17th August, 2018.


Our Mission

To bring about lifelong behaviour change for all ages by managing challenging behaviour – both locally and globally, through the provision of easy to do training events and resources. We follow the “affect the few, to affect the many” principle in the training of key influencers, such as teachers and school leaders.  Here are some goals we would like to achieve:

  • A recent UNICEF report showed that 60% of children and young people aged 4-14 globally are regularly affected by corporal punishment. We want to help to reduce the number of children being affected in this way.
  • Many fathers are not traditionally involved in community-based courses and yet we know that fathers prefer to learn parenting skills online. We want to see more fathers involved in parenting education by pitching events to them that take into account their preferred learning styles.
  • In the western world, if a child is diagnosed with conduct disorder by the time they are in later childhood, there is a nearly 80% chance that that child will be in trouble with the legal system by the time they are 21. We want to help reduce that frequency.
  • School leaders are 8 times more likely to be assaulted than the general population. We want to reduce that likelihood.
  • Schools and school leaders are under increasing pressure. For example, there has been a 35% increase in children & young people being suspended in NSW schools over the past five years; we want to do something to reduce this percentage.
  • At any one time 23% of Australian parents are experiencing behavioural problems with at least one of their children; we want to help with that problem.
  • There are far too many children entering the child protection system and being separated from their families for too long. We want to reduce this length of time by encouraging earlier intervention and clearer boundaries for parents.

10 core values to operate by.

  1. Promote the mission – be effective and cooperate to enable the vision to come true.
  2. When there is a problem, present possible solutions and how and why these solutions could work.
  3. Lessen clients pain: streamline processes to make them easier to use and meet the clients needs. Identify how our product will help.
  4. Take ownership of a task and see it through to the end goal.
  5. Communicate: let us all know what you have achieved, your losses, your struggles and what you have succeeded with.
  6. Use ‘technology accelerators’ to communicate and coordinate decision-making. Be innovative with new technology solutions and possibilities
  7. Ensure all copy from Michael is signed off by him.
  8. Identify gaps in your knowledge. Ask for training if you need it.
  9. Meet to work out priorities, urgency and stages.
  10. Piggyback on others’ ideas, cultivate them and help others where you can.

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