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Training Taster Series

Gain a concise understanding of key ideas, strategies, and themes from our comprehensive courses, ideal for a quick and impactful learning experience. Attendees will walk away with practical strategies they can implement straight away. Offered as 1-2 hour PL sessions led by expert trainers for staff or parents.

Introduction to Student Anxiety An introduction to managing student anxiety. This course can be adapted to be presented to educators or parents.

Tough Conversations Framework for handling in-the-moment difficult conversations. This course can be adapted to be presented to school leaders, school office staff, or teachers.

Engaging Adolescents in High School Measures to implement in engaging adolescents in learning through the development of strong student-teacher relationships.

Emotion Coaching in the Classroom Emotion Coaching for educators to build students’ self-regulation to create more harmonious classrooms.

Fill out the expression of interest to enquire about having a Parentshop expert present one of our Taster Sessions at your school.

For more information, please email communications@parentshop.com.au



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