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Primary teachers & leaders

Primary school staff are often first to identify children’s behavioural and emotional support needs. Teachers play an integral part in children’s behaviour-change, Parentshop provides solutions to: - How to manage behavioural issues. - How to reduce the stress of disruptions. - What happens when children get upset? - What adults can do to help with this emotion. - How to help students engage their ‘mental brakes’ and develop self-control. - How to identify, manage and reduce childhood anxiety and build resilience. Parentshop provides training for Primary School Leaders, Teachers and Teacher Aides, Guidance Counsellors, and School Administration Staff. All our courses are flexible to be delivered face to face, via interactive webinar or in-house at your school. Browse our courses below.

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Taming fears – a parent’s guide to helping kids overcome anxious feelings.

By Michael HawtonJuly 9, 2021

Watching a child react to a specific and persistent fear can be distressing for parents.  We want to help our kids get the most out of life and live confidently and without fear.  As parents, we can learn ways to help our children overcome their fears and manage their anxiety.




Let’s not make this school year one in which we add to children's anxious behaviour.

By Michael HawtonJanuary 18, 2021

A lot of people are experiencing an incredibly troubling time now in Victoria – more than ever before in their lives. Clearly life has changed, sadness and distress are now major emotions being experienced by families and children. It’s not just that people’s livelihoods are being affected but also their dreams are under threat.   It is important to remember that kids rely on us to keep things calm and to keep things in perspective. When you are reflecting on the effects of the pandemic with your children try and stick with the facts in your assessment of things.




Being the coach – Tips for setting yourself aside to help your child in distressing situations

By Michael HawtonFebruary 17, 2021

Being a parent is incredibly rewarding, but let’s face facts, sometimes it can be really hard.  Our heartstrings are often torn when we see our child experiencing a particularly stressful or upsetting situation. Help your child overcome childhood anxiety by learning to coach them in distressing situations.


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