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Primary teachers & leaders

Primary school staff are often first to identify children’s behavioural and emotional support needs. Teachers play an integral part in children’s behaviour-change, Parentshop provides solutions to: - Manage behavioural issues. - Reduce the stress of disruptions. - Learn about a child's brain and what happens when children get upset - Help teachers and school staff manage emotional responses in children and their parents in their everyday interactions at the school. - Help students engage their ‘mental brakes’ and develop self-control. - Identify, manage and reduce childhood anxiety and build resilience. Parentshop provides training for Primary School Leaders, Teachers and Teacher Aides, Guidance Counsellors, and School Administration Staff. All our courses are flexible to be delivered face to face, via interactive webinar or in-house at your school. Browse our courses below.

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Nurturing the Nurturers

School Leaders

Difficult Conversations


Nurturing the Nurturers: A Guide for School Leaders on Maintaining Wellbeing Throughout the School Year

By Parentshop StaffJanuary 21, 2024

As the backbone of any educational institution, school leaders play a crucial role in shaping the learning environment and fostering the growth of both students and teachers. However, the responsibilities that come with this role can be demanding, and it's essential for school leaders to prioritize their own wellbeing to effectively support their school community. We’ve put together some practical tips to help you navigate the school year with a positive mindset.

Preparing Children with Additional Needs for a Successful School Year

Special Needs

Additional Needs

Sensory Sensitivities

Preparing Children with Additional Needs for a Successful School Year

By Parentshop StaffJanuary 9, 2024

The beginning of a new school year brings excitement and anticipation for many children, but it can also be a time of apprehension, particularly for those with additional needs. Whether a child experiences learning differences, sensory sensitivities, or other challenges, thoughtful preparation and support can pave the way for a successful and positive school experience.

Engaging adolescents



Parenting Adolescents

Nurturing Connections - Effective Strategies for Engaging with Adolescents

By Parentshop Staff

Building and maintaining relationships with teens can be both rewarding and challenging for parents and professionals. Understanding the complexities of adolescent development and effective communication strategies can significantly impact the quality of relationships. There are some crucial aspects covered in engaging adolescents, focusing on understanding development stages, communication strategies, managing conflicts, and nurturing healthy relationships between parents and adolescents.


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