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primary teachers & leaders

1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching in the Classroom

1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching is a one-day professional learning course to equips you with the skills to manage children’s difficult behaviour.

The course supports the development of students' personal and social capabilities as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. If your school subscribes to Positive Behaviour Support, this course is an excellent supplement. It trains teachers in a method of classroom discipline so that they know what to do to effectively maintain control when a student’s behaviour becomes disruptive.

Courses available via webinar and face to face or in-house all around Australia.

For Western Australia & Northern Territory schools, please contact Behaviour Tonics


"Extremely practical system for dealing with challenging behaviours without getting into power struggles or attaching emotion or judgement. Balanced with teaching necessary skills for self-regulation through Emotion Coaching. I love the realisation around children toggling."

LeAnn Morris

Wesley College, Perth

"Fantastic course that discusses both theoretical and practical implication on children’s behaviour in the classroom and how teachers can manage / assist students to have control and learn to self-regulate their own behaviour."


Ryde Public School

"I have experienced great success in my classroom and see student’s growth in just one year. Parentshop gave me excellent advice tailored to two particular students and the school context I was working in. It’s put the hear back into my teaching and I can focus on relationship and learning, THANK YOU!"

Lily Argus

St Colman’s, Home Hill



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