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About Parentshop

Parentshop was founded in 2003 by Child and Family Psychologist, Michael Hawton, as a resource hub for parents, educators and child and family specialists. It has since grown to be one of Australia’s leading professional development training organisations and parenting resource hub. We’ve trained over 27,500 professionals and 110,000 parents over the last 13 years. Parentshop provides engaging, action-based professional development and training events that deliver effective behaviour-change and child anxiety solutions for all ages. Parentshop’s training is for the people who look after children of all ages, who want to be catalysts for effective change for the new generation.

Michael with course participant


Courses for professionals and parents

For professionals

Parentshop offers a range of professional-development courses for school leaders, teachers, child and family specialists, and early-years educators. We run courses throughout the year across Australia.

Courses for professionals and parents

For parents

We offer in-person and online courses for parents to help them better understand their children and adolescents, helping parents to guide their children in the right direction.


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