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Positive learning outcomes through behaviour guidance

Parentshop’s training solutions make a real difference to the harmony and learning outcomes of early learning centres through behaviour guidance to reduce the effects of behavioural issues with children, staff and parents


Here are three powerful ways we support you to improve young children’s development and wellbeing.


We teach you how to manage behaviour issues

Early years educators are often first to identify a young person’s behavioural and emotional support needs. They are integral in supporting parents to understand and address them. We teach you how to build children’s capacity to respond to everyday challenges and unexpected events by developing their capacity to understand, self-regulate and manage their emotions in ways that reflect the feelings and needs of others. Research shows that young people who can control their impulses do better in academic and social situations. School staff and parents can easily learn to coach them in this.

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Our theoretical approach

Our programs support Quality Areas and concepts of 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the National Quality Standard. For more information about the ACECQA National Quality Standard click here.

“This program aligns perfectly with the Early Years Learning Frameworks ethos and principles and fits in with the National Quality Standards for childcare in Australia. This is a valuable program that assists children to develop their skills and sense of well-being.”

(Talk Less Listen More)

Your experts in behaviour management

Established in 2006, Parentshop is a market leader in training and resources for school professionals and parents. It offers easy, effective training solutions to manage young people’s difficult behaviour and interpersonal relationships between school leaders, parents and staff. Developed by teacher, author and psychologist Michael Hawton, Parentshop’s training courses have already been taught to over 12,500 educators, teachers and professionals and 110,000 parents around Australia.

“At the heart of what we do is the ability to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and families.”


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