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At Parentshop, we are here to support you to help your children to grow into confident, resilient and thriving young people. Having trained over 110,000 parents, Parentshop is a trusted source of parent-led child development courses and resources to assist you. Michael Hawton has curated a list a parent resources and courses to assist you to take a Parent-led child development approach to your parenting.

Does your child seem a bit worried?

Join us for No Scaredy Cats, a parent-led child development course.

Learn simple steps to help your child reduce anxiety & build resilience.

Is your child’s behaviour difficult to manage?

Are you reaching the end of your rope with your child’s meltdowns and difficult behaviour?

Join us for Talk Less Listen More! Learn simple strategies to manage behaviour.

COVID-19 and increasing childhood anxiety

There has been a significant rise in children’s anxiety exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anxious behaviours can be difficult to identify. Is your child just worrying or are they showing early signs of anxiety.




Parentshop has trained professional practitioners that are now offering courses to parents like you. Please contact them directly for more information.

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